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A Message From The Band

Posted in: News | 1 Comment | Posted on by Hey Ocean!

1017425_698719453474839_405824552_nHey Everybody! What an amazing summer we’ve had. We played festivals all over Canada and the United States from Yellowknife to Orlando. We got to meet/share the stage with artists we really respect like City And Color, Jimmy Eat World, Lights, Hayden, Metric, and Billy Talent (just to name a few). We’d like to give a big thanks to the Warped Tour for having us. It was exhausting, but we made tons of new friends and reunited with some old ones.

‘Make A New Dance Up’ is moving up the radio charts in Germany and the full album will be available there this Friday September 6th! So you can expect to see us overseas a little more often.

In fact we’ll be playing our first ever European shows in Germany and the UK this fall. The tour will include Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne, Berlin, London, Reading, and Bournemouth. Check out the TOUR section for more details and don’t forget to spread the word!

Last but not least, for those of you who sent in dancing clips for our ‘Make A New Dance Up’ video we’re happy to announce that our little friend, Super Ben is now Cancer free!

If you aren’t familiar with his story here’s a link to his blog:

And here’s the video we made dedicated to him:

We still have lots of great stuff in the works so make sure you’re following us on twitter/Facebook or for updates.

See you soon

Dave, Dave, & Ash